"Asuntos de Familia" (Family Matters)
A profound and satirical study of individual identity.

For me the act of painting is like having a diary, because a lot of autobiographical elements always emerge.

The images suggest that families are not so pretty or perfect as they seem but, they are fundamental in the constitution of the individual identity.

The speech in my work appeals to old photos of family groups but it adds a quota of irony, because the characters express a relationship of apparent normality that changes while its contemplated. It is imperfect, incomplete or far from ideal , These are paintings in search of the bizarre and they let us see indirectly , what lies beyond the apparent normality of the family group Through disturbing characters that invade the spectators` space I represent desires and I also like to play with the ideals, and stereotypes.




Madre Ausente
Absent Mother
mixed media
67 x 43 inches

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