Jeff Wallin’s ethereal and atmospheric figure drawings in glass take inspiration from emotionally and psychologically complex figure painters such as Francis Bacon and Lucien Freud, Wallin’s portraits have the marks of a painter’s perspective and a painter’s intuition, the relaying of an idea by brush – all that expressed in the language
of glass.

“I begin each piece as a quick sketch from a model, working directly with glass powders on a glass sheet surface. No preliminary drawings are used, no tests or experiments. Each new work is itself the test, the experiment, the first impression developed and pushed to a final form. My methods of kiln forming purposefully ignore most of the strict adherence to process normally associated with the medium. The work is driven to completion as part of a dialogue, which begins as a response to the model and then develops in unexpected ways as the work matures over multiple firings in the kiln. The intent is to maintain an attitude of spontaneity and preserve the raw moment when the piece first began.” — Jeff Wallin


On Parallel - 2011
Kiln formed glass
42 x 31.5 x .5"
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Rusted Window - 2011
Kiln formed glass
36 x 25 x .5"
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Seismic Figure Study
33 x 18 inches

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Transform Boundry
27 x 17 inches

$4400. /SOLD

Kiln formed glass

28 x 20 inches

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