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Patrajdas Contemporary, 1269 Noble St. announces art exhibition Corpo/Ethereal, featuring blood paintings and 3D immersive environment by Jordan Eagles, sculpture by Emil Alzamora and glass drawings by Jeff Wallin.  Exhibition focuses on the metaphysical intersections of body and spirit.

Opens Friday November 16, with public reception from 6-8:30pm.
More information: / 917-737-2784
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On November 16, Patrajdas Contemporary will inject new LIFE into Philadelphia’s contemporary art scene, with the opening of Corpo/Ethereal, an exhibition featuring paintings and sculpture by NY Times-celebrated  artist Jordan Eagles, (“The Blood Artist”), sculptor Emil Alzamora and Jeff Wallin. The exhibition focuses on the metaphysical intersections of body and spirit.

For over a decade, Jordan Eagles has been using and preserving blood in his multi-dimensional works as a method to explore themes of regeneration and the metaphysical connections between body, spirit and nature. Eagles’ paintings could be classified as Abstract Expressionist, even though they are created with blood instead of paint.

Eagles permanently preserves the blood on Plexiglas within layers of resin, suspending the organic medium’s fluid forms under the resin’s glass-like surface. His work is a dynamic wash of burgundy, crimson, rubys – commingling with near blacks, and rust colors forming a rich vibrant surface that glows with energy. Mixing his medium with copper, which imparts a unique, fiery energy, Eagles creates an effect that is not unlike erupting molten lava – a sparkling geology of vibrant colors and seemingly prehistoric textures that range from fiery orange to deep crimson. Eagles’ work similarly references issues of existence and mortality, revealing as much about life as about death.  “The fundamental, underlying theme that runs through all of my work is regeneration. The works become relics of that which was once living, embodying transformation, regeneration and an allegory of death to life,” he says.

In some instances, blood that has decomposed for years forms dense masses that are ground into dust and tossed into the works, as a sign of passing and change.

When lit, the works become translucent, cast shadows, and project a glow, appearing as if they are illuminated from within. The materials and luminosity in these bodies of work relate to themes of corporeality, mortality, spirituality, and science—invigorating blood as sublime.

Mr. Eagles’ mesmerizing works have been snapped up by more than a dozen museums so far in 2012; his exhibitions nationwide have been favorably reviewed by Time Magazine, the New York Times, Flavorpill and FRAME Magazine, among others.  This exhibition marks Eagles’ debut in Philadelphia. 

Special to opening night, Eagles will also create an immersive projected-blood environment for guests to experience. 
There will also be an artist talk on Saturday, November 17 at 3:30pm.

Adding further dimension to the exhibition is the sculptural work of Emil Alzamora.  Primarily concerned with the human body, Alzamora’s works, generally executed in ceramic, bronze or resin, transcend mere representations of body, but delve into deeper issues: what do we REALLY consist of- what is our essence?!
Alzamora’s sculptures haunt- probing, provoking, yet not quite threatening. Contrasting the physical with the spiritual, they ask us to consider what IS being human?

Rounding the triumvirate of artists is Jeff Wallin, whose hybrid paintings/drawings are executed in glass, giving further focus on inner light and energy… conveying the emotive essence of the subject … utilizing  fractured imagery like a cracked lens to (on?) the soul.


Corpo/Ethereal opens
Friday, November 16 with a public reception from 6 - 8:30 pm,
(including immersive environment)

Music mixed by DJ: French Summers

exhibition continues, by appointment, until December 10. 

A secondary reception for Jordan Eagles will be held
Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, 2 - 5 pm
, with a talk by the artist at 3:30pm 
Reservations appreciated: 917-737-2784 or
 Patrajdas is located at 1269 Noble, #105.


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